Data Driven Problem Solving & Process Design

We apply the DMAIC Methodology & Lean principles to help our clients improve their process efficiency and satisfy their customers. We evaluate the current state process by using a customer-centric, data-based, and cross-functional team approach to identify the problem(s) that need attention. We then use data to measure the impact of problems on both internal and external customers (critical to quality indicators) and we design solutions that tackle the root cause of problems to prevent them from reoccurring or affecting other parts of the process. We also establish relevant and balanced key performance indicators to track success and support continuous improvement.

Improving Efficiency through Tech-Infused Process Improvement

Our clients benefit from our technology-driven approach to process improvement and operational excellence. Our experts analyze the current state and identify automation opportunities, such as tasks that are mundane, repetitive, or prone to errors, as well as assessing how the business workflow supports the process. We redesign the process with innovative thinking to integrate automation capabilities, such as Automated Workflow tools, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Processing (RPA). We apply lean principles to streamline the process and then use technology solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality.

Organizational Structures for Success

Different organizations require different structures and models to support them. Our experts work with your resources to evaluate your current structure and ensure it will effectively support your future state process. We clearly outline roles and responsibilities with the goal of driving accountability for success at all levels of your organization.

We don't just design, we implement!

We understand that our clients need more than just recommendations; they need hands-on support to bring positive change. Successful implementation demands robust project management, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. It necessitates effective stakeholder management, risk mitigation, and issue resolution. Additionally, it involves translating business requirements into technical specifications and forging a collaborative bond with IT partners for tech solutions. As your dedicated partners in success, our expert team collaborates with your resources to ensure not only that changes achieve desired outcomes but also that they are sustainable, fostering continuous improvement over time.

Establishing a Foundation for Continuous Improvement

Our world changes everyday and we recognize the critical importance of having the right talent, and effective tools to establish a strong foundation for effective process management. Our team's goal is to partner to establish accurate data measurements, process ownership and governance structures, and provide effective training to internal resources to foster a culture of continuous improvement. This approach also sets the stage for a data transformation strategy, paving the way for future automation.

Driving Organizational Change with Proven Expertise

A well-defined change management process is critical to the success of implementing small or large changes within an organization. Our team is highly skilled at utilizing the Prosci Change Management methodology and collaborating with leaders to build a change network within the organization. We connect with all levels of the organization at the start of current state, through redesign process and implementation, bringing everyone along on the transformation journey. This approach promote a mindset change and enable the project team to become strong change advocates, helping to shift perspectives and culture within your organization.

Implementing Action-Oriented Solutions: 20 Years of Proven Expertise!